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Site Investigation & Assessment

Maxum Resources, LLC understands that Environmental Site Assessment services are required by Clients to make important business decisions. Maxum's Site Assessment services are professionally conducted, technically correct, on schedule, and economical.

Our Site Assessment Services include:

Aquifer Testing and Data Interpretation

Brownfields Investigations and Remediation

Dry Cleaner Contamination Assessments and Remediation

Groundwater Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Hazardous Waste Contamination Assessments and Remediation

Hydrocarbon Contamination Assessments and Remediation

Laboratory Data Validation

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Remedial Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimates

Risk Evaluations / RECAP Evaluations

Sediment Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Site Investigations

Soil Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Surface Water Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Wastewater Sampling and Laboratory Analysis 

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