Environment Pollution

Disaster Response

Maxum Resources, LLC provides disaster and emergency response services across the US. We have the resources, equipment and manpower you’ll need in the event of a major storm, hurricane, wildfire, flood, natural / manmade disasters or environmental emergency of any size. From response to cleanup crews Maxum has the experience and capability of manning up and mobilizing at moments notice.


Maxum can also offer the following related services:


  • Emergency Response and Release Containment

  • Release Reporting

  • Environmental Consulting

  • Multi-media Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

  • Remediation

  • Communications with Regulatory Agencies

  • Reporting to the Regulatory Agencies

  • Transformer Oil Spill Cleanup and Removal

  • Capacitor Oil Spill Cleanup and Removal

  • Damaged Pole Removal and Transportation

  • Wire Removal

  • In Field PCB testing (Chlor-N-Oil)

Our emergency response equipment available for purchase or lease is listed below. This equipment is available for pick-up at our New Iberia, Louisiana facility, or we will quickly deliver it to your site.


Equipment Available for Purchase:
18" Containment Boom
24" Containment Boom
Absorbent Boom
Absorbent Pads

Equipment Available for Lease:
18" Containment Boom
24" Containment Boom

Vessels Available for Lease:
30' to 40' Deck Boats with Captain - open deck or cabin boats are available